A Financial Education Program for Women (and Men)

Do you want to take control of your finances but don’t know where to begin?

Have you ever wondered what resources are out there to help you personalize your journey to financial prosperity?

Since 2004, From Purses to Portfolios has helped thousands of women (and men) across the state, and other states, pursue financial education and meet financial goals.
The program encourages participants to pursue on-going FREE financial education through The Money School’s classes, seminars, conferences and Money Clubs, which covers a wide range of topics and are held throughout the state.

Program Highlights

Money Clubs are support groups that meet regularly to discuss financial topics of their choice, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. With this program, you are highly encouraged to set and meet the financial goals you have set for yourself.
With the newest addition to the Purses to Portfolios program, you map your path to reach your own financial goal. Be your own travel agent on your journey to prosperity! Your journey may include any combination of classes, webinars, volunteering, Money Clubs, special events, experiences, independent study, books and more...
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