Banks and Schools working together to nurture the ethics of saving.

The Delaware BANK AT SCHOOL teaches school students about financial management by providing real banking experience at their school. The program helps them learn to take charge of their money by learning to save and spend wisely.
Students are given an opportunity to open non-custodial accounts and to serve as tellers. This weekly banking program nurtures the often neglected ethic of SAVING!
The program provides teachers with lessons highlighting the advantages of saving that correlate with the Delaware State Standards in Economics.

Family Finance FUN

FREE online games and apps to help teach your children about personal finance.
Gen i Revolution - Developed by the Council on Econmoic Education, this game uses friendly competition to help middle schoolers master personal finance concepts. 
Bite Club - Players learn to save for retirement, pay down debt, and manage consumer spending, while hosting their very own vampire night club.
Financial Football - A fast-paced interactive, multi-level challenge that teaches money skills as you advance down the field.
Savings Spree - This app shows kids how the daily lifestyle decisions they make can add up to big savings or big expenses, depending on how they choose to spend(or not spend) their money. Ages 7 and up.
Green$treets:Unleash the Loot - An app that lets children rescue their favorite endangered animal while learning personal finance lessons.
Renegade Buggies - A shopping game that challenges children to put away as much money as they can. As they complete game stages, they acquire "buggie bucks" they can use to make saving and investment decisions.
FamZoo -  Using prepaid credit cards, this app allows parents to set up bank accounts that record their children's saving , spending and giving habits.
Celebrity Calamity - Gives kids the chance to serve as financial consultants for spendthrift, out-of-control celebrities. 
*These resources were vetted by Guidewell Financial Solutions.
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